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Besides, God had told him, through George, that he was special, that he had a unique connection with the Almighty.

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Even though Broussard, the leader of the children's choir that Francis loved to sing in at St.

Peter's Cathedral, had told him it was OK, he still felt ashamed.

Some of those working the case describe it as the killing fields.

The location is far from homes, a great distance from the nearest road.

She had been shot in the abdomen with a high-caliber weapon.

Three more victims were found deep in the woods the same year on Halloween. I think you can really feel the presence of that when you're out here," says Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm Mc Millin." "I was looking for him," said Icy Mae Franklin... She said the suspects had been threatening his 20-year-old sister.When the suspects saw her and two cousins in the parking lot, a fight broke out...The footfalls of a portly man grew louder as they mounted the stairs.Suddenly, Francis' door opened, and George Broussard walked in to "tuck in" the young man, the oldest son of his dear friends, Dorothy and Francis "Doc" Morrison.Don’t forget to share your conversations, thoughts, and experiences with us using #IT3W and #teen DVmonth. If you are interested in hearing more about Break the Cycle positions on upcoming legislation please email Break the Cycle to be added to the Policy and Action Alerts group.


  1. The buzz: Don’t wait too long to start dating (you’ll miss the love boat), don’t date for too long, don’t invite guy/gal for a Shabbat unless you’re almost ready to “announce” – you don’t want people to talk.

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