Are amanda palmer and brian viglione dating

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Nevertheless, Palmer happily embraces the punk-cabaret tag.

"Wherever those two ideas intersect is where I want to be.

It's merited, but only partly conveys the emotionally charged music created by piano-playing singer Amanda Palmer and drumming partner Brian Viglione.

"It's not the punk that's about putting a safety pin through your nose," says Palmer, who is more like an antique porcelain figurine than a gobbing punk.

The Dresden Dolls will be playing select shows in support of No, Virginia later this year.

In the meantime, Palmer will be playing a special solo show in her hometown of Boston with The Boston Pops in early June.

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A startling companion album to an old fan favorite, No, Virginia is ripe with the incredible songwriting by which the Dolls are defined, and presents some of their best playing yet: Palmer’s piano may literally be turning to dust from the strength she uses to bang on it, while Viglione’s drums carry every melody on their sturdy snare snaps and chaotic cymbal crashes.


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