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This online cooking show is devoted entirely to making treats related to pop-culture properties like Game of Thrones, Frozen, Captain America, Indiana Jones, Super Mario Bros, and much more.

31-year-old Rosanna Pansino, who goes by Ro, was originally born in Seattle, Washington and now resides in California.

Pansino’s videos usually amass at least 1 million views within a few days of being uploaded, but they continue to rack up hits years after the fact; her most popular video currently has 125 million views, and according to Social Blade, over the past 30 days she has brought in a total of 55 million views.

Rosanna Pansino is among the top-earning celebrities on You Tube, as according to Forbes, she makes about $2.5 million per year.

As live television becomes an increasingly insignificant part of young people’s lives, many of them are turning to You Tube for their entertainment, and online video stars like Rosanna Pansino have created mini-production studios worth millions of dollars out of their homes.

Pansino has about 6.5 million subscribers on her You Tube channel, on which she hosts the weekly series Nerdy Nummies.

Actually, we think that’s actually one of the primary reasons we continue to be fascinated by real estate in this particular city.

It’s not just because we’re familiar with the area, it’s that the wealthy folks here derive their moolah from so many wildly different sources.For comparison, Pew Die Pie makes million, Lindsey Stirling makes million, and Michelle Phan makes million.The majority of Pansino’s income from You Tube comes from advertisements, which vary from those that run before the video starts to those incorporated into the content itself; Pansino occasionally discusses literature in segments sponsored by Audible.He lived in Nipomo in San Luis Obispo County for the first 11 years of his life and then later moved with his family to Gresham, Oregon, where his parents and older brother still reside.[A good shoutcast] is really up to personal preference.I started making more videos on a consistent basis about a year ago because the fan base demanded it.


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