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People called a man who carried out these duties a *redeemer. Tonight he will *winnow *barley at the *threshing floor. She had to be very quiet and prepare herself like a bride in her best clothes. Naomi hopes that Boaz will accept the *redeemers duties. v1 Naomi, Ruths husbands mother, said to her, My daughter, I am looking for a home where you can rest and be happy.

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as “A selfless and enduring commitment of the will to care about benefit another person by righteous, truthful, and compassionate thoughts, words and actions.” Biblical love has no ulterior motive, nor is it a feeling.

It is always thinking of the other person, which in this case is the wife.

If someone had financial difficulties, a man from their family would buy their land. v5 I will do everything that you have told me, Ruth said to Naomi. There she did everything that her husbands mother had said.

If a man from Israel died without children, his brother or another relative used to marry the widow. Then the first son that she had would carry on the dead mans name. (See Deuteronomy 25:5-6.) There was another custom also.

He turned and discovered a woman lying by his feet.

v8 At midnight, something made the man feel afraid. Verses 6-9 Ruth had chosen Naomis God and Naomis country. She showed courage and trust when she offered herself to Boaz. But he was also grateful that this young woman was willing to become his wife. Stewardship is the quality of one’s maturity and character, and how that maturity and character are acted out on a daily basis.One of the most common complaints wives have of their husbands is that they are not consistent with their roles and responsibilities within their marriage.This lesson from the Book of Ruth teaches children that Ruth’s kinsman-redeemer Boaz points us to Jesus the redeemer who died on the cross for our sins, was buried and rose again.All who put their faith in Jesus’ sacrifice for sins are redeemed and adopted into God’s family.I’ll tell you probably like no one has told you before.

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