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Whitney hitting the dating scene follows her split from long-term boyfriend Lenny Alehat last year, before the trauma at the start of this season where she thought she was pregnant (although it turned out she wasn’t).

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Also on this week’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney challenges the Trophy Wives to a dance battle rematch after last week’s contest.

The challenge comes after Whitney discovered what scores the judges gave her by getting her hands on the scorecards.

However, I never experienced that kind of love in these modern ages.

I only experienced the unpleasant side of falling for someone.

But all that comes to a screeching halt when he reveals he has some news to share during their second date at the aquarium., Nathan drops the bomb on Whitney.

"Well, there's probably something I should share with you — very interesting information that I found out," he begins. We're, like, second cousins or something,” he explains, adding that his mom filled him on their connection when he dished about their original date.

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  2. In this video from Simple Pickup, porn stars teach non-porn star women how to properly give a blow job by demonstrating on a popsicle (which gave me a brainfreeze the second they mentioned it).

  3. I needed to know if we’d been living a lie all this time. I needed hard data, and digital algorithms were the only definitive way to find out.

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