Bitdefender is not updating

It shows the current protection status and allows users to deactivate the virus shield and auto scan modules with one click.

Any identified threats are automatically sent to the quarantine, where users may examine full paths and open file locations in Windows Explorer, as well as decide whether to delete or keep the items.

The program does not only perform on-demand scans but prevents viruses and other e-threats from infiltrating into the machine using a real-time safeguard with optimized settings.

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Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 builds on these past successes – but does it deliver on its promises?

In this giveaway, we’re offering unlimited licenses for Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 for Windows with 180 days validity.

Bitdefender's Box security appliance is a win-win for homes with lots of online devices, especially smart-home devices that wouldn't otherwise be secured.

Its unique hardware provides an extra layer of protection against the internet's seamier side, and scans for vulnerabilities on your home network.

The license must be activated during the giveaway, and you may activate as many as required.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2015‘s most basic package is a one-year licence for use on three PCs, making it ideal for the average household equipped with a desktop and a couple of laptops.

The new Box should be available for the 2017 year-end holidays, and Tom's Guide will have a full review before then.] If the small, square, white Bitdefender Box looks familiar, it's the same hardware that was introduced in early 2015 to mixed reviews, including one from Tom's Guide.

Back then, it cost twice as much, worked with far fewer devices and didn't include antivirus software.

In addition, the bundle includes virtual private network (VPN) service and Bitdefender's excellent antivirus software for all of your computers, smartphones and tablets.


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