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Ethnicity: Black American Color of Hair: Black Colors of Eyes: Brown Physical Distinctive Features: Brown’s chipped front teeth is one thing that you would have noticed about him before he got it fixed. Style, makeup, Dress and hair style: Brown straightens his hair and dresses in his own unique way. List of Facts / Trivia: OJ Simpson Attorneys: 5 Facts You Should Know Laura Wasser: Meet Hollywood’s Best Divorce Attorney 15 of the Best Luxury Drug Treatment Centers on Earth The 6 Most Common Celebrity Plastic Surgery Procedures Was Lebron James’ 2016 NBA Finals Performance the Best of All Time?

Live performance is an incredibly intimate bond between artists and fans, but that intimacy got busted worse than Danny Brown's front tooth during Friday's show on Minneapolis's West Bank.

Some of you have even followed through with subscriptions, which is especially gratifying.

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But the hazy particulars of what exactly happened Friday at Triple Rock, on which the venue itself has declined comment, still stands out as an event that has stirred a less-controllable sort of publicity for 32-year-old Brown.

Gimme Noise's reviewer Zach Mc Cormick's mostly positive coverage of the actual show notes, "Brown's hedonistic persona set the tone for a night of timid heartland kids indulging in all sorts of ratchet [AKA obnoxious] behavior." Photographer Erik Hess got a ton of shots featuring Brown rocking totem pole-inspired Adidas high-tops and inciting the audience.

What confirmed the whole incident was when fellow-rapper, Kendrick Lamar tweeted: "@kendricklamar: @XDanny XBrown X u really just got the head on stage stanny???

" Brown replied, " Additionally, a fan posted this before attending the show: "@naughtyahhhh: I've done a lot of weird, wild, and inappropriate things at triple rock, but tonight I'm trying to hop on @xdannyxbrownx 's c*ck." Could this be the culprit?

Featuring Detroit rapper Danny Brown and model Kitty Pryde in what Mc Nairy calls “THE GREATEST LOOKBOOK EVER,” the mood was light and the styles were strong, with the American designer staying true to his love for patterns and bright colors.

This is the first time the three worked together, but – as you can easily tell – there is a connection that won’t be lost on them anytime soon.

And Jack Spencer, a regular Gimme Noise contributor who interviewed Brown, was also at Friday's show.

Today we get a rare behind the scenes look into Mark Mc Nairy‘s upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook.

There are some pretty graphic, NSFW stories that follow, so proceed with caution.

[jump] City Pages has previewed and reviewed several of Brown's past Twin Cities appearances -- notably weather-torn Soundset 2012 and a slot opening for A$AP Rocky at First Ave.

At minimum, the Detroit rapper led several fans at the sold-out Triple Rock Social Club to believe, and many to proclaim on Twitter, that they saw a female concert-goer in the front row performing oral sex on him.


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