Dating a jamaican man comedy skit

As a result, Grant was able to quit his regular job as a waiter in a New York restaurant, and focus on his career of acting via the doors ‘Suzan’ opened for him.

“I would usually do videos imitating females in general called, ‘Jamaican females be like…’ And one day, I did a video asking why girls get defensive when men ask about their hairstyles, and the character I used was called ‘Suzan’.

And while The Fat Jewish and Fuck Jerry have long mastered the art of comedy on your phone, there are plenty of hilarious accounts out there giving them a run for their money.

During the summer, Instagram feeds have a tendency to become slightly annoying—we get it, you’re all on fabulous vacations along the Mediterranean.

If FOMO has got you down, the easiest way to liven up your Instagram is by adding in a bit of humor in between all the sunset shots and beach selfies.

You lose your right to question him about anything dis-satisfactory you found in his phone since you are by law not suppose to search phone.

HIS HILARIOUS You Tube comedy skits see him skilfully (and successfully) impersonating a host of Caribbean accents to play a number of outlandish characters.

“Suzan” is played by 23-year-old Jamaican actor and dancer, Anthony Grant, who also plays the dual role of Suzan’s boyfriend, ‘Prince’, in the videos.

The 15-second skits often feature situations in which ‘Suzan’ reacts in some inappropriate but side-splitting manner to everyday occurrences in their bumpy relationship.

POPULARITY Since the creation of the character just about 10 months ago, Anthony has racked up more than half-a-million followers on social media.

His popularity has allowed him to join the scores of other comedians who have begun to build careers by reaching mass audiences via the relatively cheap and definitely quick structure of “short-format comedy”.

I thought he would just be nice to chat to but we completely fell for each other.


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