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Damascus, SANA – Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban met on Sunday a Jordanian delegation, headed by the Assistant Secretary General of the Union of Arab Lawyers Samih Khreis.During the meeting, Shaaban affirmed that the delegation’s visit at this time is a healthy step on the road towards building an integrated Arab p...Damascus, SANA-Information Minister Mohammad Ramez Turjman said on Saturday that the efforts which have been exerted by journalists who covered the events of Damascus International Fair contributed to making the activities of the Fair a success and conveying a strong message to the whole world which shows the status of Syria. Homs, SANA – Terrorist groups located in al-Houla area in Homs violated the memorandum on the de-escalation zone in the northern countryside of Homs, targeting the villages of Qurmos and Mreimen with shells.

The NC-100 Series "MOVING COIL" Receiver production spanned from 1936 up to 1949. Certainly the design of the "MOVING COIL" method for band change used in the NC-100 receivers impressed the commercial operators of the late thirties with modified versions being ordered by the Bureau of Air Commerce and the CAA for use in airports around the country (even as late as post-WWII.) The NC-100XA version impressed the U. Navy who ordered special versions with low Local Oscillator radiation that became the famous RAO family of WWII receivers.

Even post-WWII buyers could still purchase the descendants of the NC-100 in the modernized NC-240D receivers.

Such makeshift arrangements are most wasteful of time and material while Handy Sorts Cabinets, when properly equipped, filled and labeled are decidedly economical.

The Cabinets are made of hardwood throughout and are nicely finished.

Includes NC-100, NC-101X, NC-80X, NC-81X, NC-100A family, NC-200, NC-240CS, NC-240D Dept of Commerce & CAA Airway Communication Receivers Military Versions - RAO family, RBH, NC-100ASD, R-115, R-116 History of Design and Production, Moving Coil Catacomb Details, WWII Versions, Post-WWII Production, Serial Numbers, Restoration Write-ups Besides National's masterpiece, the HRO, another series of receivers produced by National Company, Inc.

were very popular and accounted for a lengthy production history.Meanwhile, some dealers get as much as 0 or more when selling a Victrola XI. What a well-connected dealer gets for a machine is not what you can get selling the same machine from your living room.Dealers have contacts and methods for getting a machine in the right place at the right time, with everything fixed, shiny, and ready to go. Location of the machine is one of those "circumstances" determining price or value.This web-article details most of the various members of the NC-100 family and it became an extensive family (over sixty different variations) that grew as National up-graded and improved the receiver over its 13 years of production history.- Henry Rogers - March 19, 2012: The "MOVING COIL" NC-100 Receiver from 1936 (sn 334-D) showing the original "art deco" design of the aluminum overlay front panel.James Millen, National Co.'s General Manager and Chief Engineer, was one of the designers that insisted the best receiver performance was achieved using plug-in coils.

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