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In a livestream video feed shared by TMZ on Monday, you can see the 30-year-old and his longtime girlfriend say "I do" at the Viva Las Vegas chapel in front of several onlookers, including Elvis and a hulu dancer. So, that means these two crazy kids are married, right? News points out, La Beouf is known to be into performance art.

Also, there's no official documentation of them marrying.

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After last night's epic, Twitter-moving presidential debate, we didn't think we'd see anything better today than this (a "Time of Your Life" mash-up of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — it's AH-mazing), but the Internet gods have smiled down on us yet again and given us this: Shia La Beouf and Mia Goth's Las Vegas wedding video.

Which includes an Elvis Presley impersonator, because of course it does.

La Beouf and Goth first started dating in 2012 after meeting on the set of .

Back in March of this year, La Beouf caused quite a stir when he reportedly told a Gelson's cashier in Los Angeles that he and Goth were engaged.

The couple's relationship, however, has not been without it's ups and downs.

In July 2015 La Beouf and Goth made headlines after having a blowout fight in Germany, E!

Alison finds it hard to face what Tom is throwing at her and suggests that Tom gets a little action on the side. Alison asks Naomi to schedule a press conference so she can announce dropping out of the campaign.

So to my non-Goth readers, here are some advice from a Goth who has been pissed off once or twice during dates. I know it sometimes can feel good when one is asked to define or describe what one loves, but sometimes it can be really annoying.

“All of the available men in this godforsaken city have such bland, pedestrian hobbies,” she complained, lighting a clove cigarette. At this point, I’d settle for someone with seasonal depression and one Cure album.” Kowalski reported the Cleveland bar scene provided few potential matches, leading her to try online dating.

“All those guys in their stupid button-down shirts, all they want to talk about are their hopes and dreams and dumb marathon times,” said Kowalski, watching glumly from her bedroom window as kids played in the street.

Sometimes though, the differences in interests, subcultures, or lifestyles can lead to awkward or terrible situations.


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