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The modern representation of a patent number is GB999999[yyyy], in earlier years there was no recognised format though 9999/yy is common.During the period 1842-1883 the British Patent Office issued a diamond mark along with the registration number when a design was registered.By using the information below you can find the date a design was registered. Remember this date is just when the design was registered.

Between the initial filing or application and the final granting of the patent the filing number may be used to identify the patent.

So a number lower than 100,000 may be a patent issued before 1916 or a filing number issued from 1916.

Note that the registration number does not form part of the mark.

The centre is occupied by the abbreviation There are two ranges of year codes; 1842-1867 & 1868-1883.

The protection was dependent on the type of material and the class in which the product was placed.

The mark was created to identify the type of material used (known as the ), how many items were included, (sometimes known as bundles or packages, and the date of registration.

Marks registered from 1867 to 1883 have a number instead of a letter at the top of the diamond.

After 1883, the diamond shape was discontinued and "Rd.

No.," followed by the number assigned to the ceramic, was used.

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