Dating football coach

You'll need coaching qualifications from The Football Association (FA).Qualifications start at Level 1 and go all the way up to the UEFA A Licence for the semi-professional and professional game.

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Choose your profile below and find out more Whether you are an individual or team coach, this soccer training programme will show you the technical secrets used in a top flight football academy.

You’ll also need to do The FA Safeguarding Children Workshop. You'll usually combine coaching with other full-time work.

Starter: £14,000 to £21,000 Experienced: £22,000 to £26,000 Highly Experienced: up to £250,000 (Football League or Premiership) Community coaching jobs may pay by the hour and be seasonal. Salaries vary widely and many higher salaries are not disclosed. As a coach for a professional team, you may run training sessions every day. As a community coach, with further training you could move into sports development or youth work.

Candidates are advised to check with their local education centre for details of the courses they have available.

Regardless of the level of coaching, most of the work takes place outdoors.

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FA qualifications are available at colleges and training centres.

You could also take them as part of a sports degree.

All practices can be easily adapted for team training.


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