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“There’s now a robust, diverse market for games that may not be blockbusters, but can be profitable because they have much lower production costs.”Deep gaming is also a response to a fast-changing marketplace that no longer represents just one narrow slice of the population.

“There’s been an odd reinforcing loop in the industry that the audience is all young boys and all they want is mayhem and explosions,” says Isbister.

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"Playing" with our emotions can also often illicit extreme and addictive emotional reactions, from the highs of "winning" acceptance, to the lows of confusion, anxiety, and rejection. This is the phase where we try to guess, are they interested or not? This game is where it can really start to get ugly, and it also has great potential to backfire.

Once interest has been established, who will approach first? This is where we try to show the other person that there are other people interested in us (these could be real or imaginary), and therefor we're a very valuable and important person. This is the game where you might show up late for a date, cancel a date or wait a few days to return a call.

Players instead are given a puzzle theme, plus jigsaw-puzzle-piece-like letter groupings. ­Trivia Crack is similar to the board game Trivial Pursuit.

These letter groupings must be assembled together to form ­crossword-like interlocking words that fit the theme. Players compete against friends or strangers answering multiple-choice questions in six categories—art, entertainment, geography, history, science and sports. Trivia Crack games can move slowly, however—your opponent gets several days, if he/she wants them, to take his turn each time you get an answer wrong. In Mahjong Solitaire, 144 tiles are arranged face up in a four-layer stack.

A recent study found that two of the 10 most popular apps among people age 55 and older are games, including Words With Friends (see below).

Here’s a look at six other exciting and mentally stimulating smartphone and tablet game apps*—some of them can be played on computers, too… The game Bonza Word Puzzle looks a lot like a crossword puzzle, except there are no clues.

While it does seem more instinctual for the male to approach the female, men are often wary of rejection, and can be hesitant to approach. It's been 1.5 days since I've heard from them - what does this mean? This game taken too far, can trigger a foundation of mistrust and insecurity in those who struggle with jealousy to begin with, and the results are often more than you bargained for... This game involves pure power plays, with the intent of keeping the other person on their toes, in a state of waiting for you.

This hesitation can turn some women off however, as most women "instinctually" want a "strong" and decisive man... The Telephone Game - once contact has been established. Taken too far, it tells your date you're unreliable and can't be counted on.

If you're stuck in a humdrum dating rut, we've got 30 playful date ideas to get those friendly competition juices flowing and bring that spark back into your love life.

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