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The rest of Lionel Post-1945 is pretty much standard) To use Lionel trains and equipment, follow this link.Everything you need is included, as this is a starter manuals for Lionel trains and accessories.Lionel trains, produced from 1900 to 1969, drew admiration from model railroaders around the world for the solidity of their construction and the authenticity of their detail.

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Track: you probably have track of a single type in the box, but there are occasions where everything got thrown together. Post-1945 trains have mainly plastic cars and a knuckle-type coupler.

(Only the Scout sets from the late 1940s have an odd coupler.

Lionel Corporation was an American toy manufacturer and retailer that was in business from 1900 to 1995.

Founded as an electrical novelties company, Lionel specialized in various products throughout its existence, but toy trains and model railroads were its main claim to fame.

In 1959, the Virginian merged with the Norfolk and Western, and all of the Trainmasters became N&W locomotives.

The body of this locomotive is molded in gray plastic and is fully painted.

Snow has been a modeller since he was first given, aged five, a "beautiful O gauge yellow train called Santa Fe" by his mother and now says he has the layout he always dreamed of.

Although he warns Humphrys of the "terrible trouble" caused by a crash.

(Note that with wire, the higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire. Actually, almost every major (and minor) scale is in current production. Here are the sizes you are most likely to encounter: From left to right, smallest to largest, the track types shown are N, HO, S, O, and #1. Some O trains have a flat, long copper shoe as a pickup, instead of rollers.

Many people believe that trains similar to their old ones are no longer made. Three-rail locomotives have an electrical pickup in the center between the wheels. The HO locomotive on the left has no center pickup.

Welcome to our growing Lionel Reference Library and Archive.


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