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The shop owner took the lid off several to reveal pipes and pipe items to me.They went back to their till and I went through the shop with new eyes.The prankster typically calls a store and asks if they have "Prince Albert in a can." When the unsuspecting clerk responds "yes" (because the tobacco is typically packaged in a can, though other forms of packaging also existed), the caller follows up with, "Well, you'd better let him out!

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Pouch/tub note: typical nutty Burley aroma; I detect no additional flavoring.

Contrary to several other reviewers, I do not detect any traces of propylene glycol.

My grandpa used to smoke something that smelled like that! It is possible to rush this and get "tobacco juice" and tongue bite, but you really have to try hard.

" Smoke: PA has a fine cut, which allows for an initial gravity filling of the bowl. The taste is pleasant, ranging from coffee and chocolate to nuts and licorice.

In every case, a little hydration and even the open tins provided enjoyment for me.

It was these finds that keep me looking through old tins.

The unique blend of Prince Albert Pipe Tobacco is achieved by adhering to the very high standards we set in every step of production.

The attention and care paid to selecting and curing our tobacco equals that of blending and finishing.

Reynolds sold the brand to the John Middleton Tobacco Company, Limerick, PA, in 1987, who has been producing it ever since. I always loved going to visit Grandpa; I loved the scent of his pipe.


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