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A meta-analysis of 74 studies, including 14,000 participants, shows 'demand-withdraw' pattern is a sign of distress in relationships.

The silent treatment is part of what's called a "demand-withdraw" pattern.

In its own unhappy-making way, this pattern of interaction is as classic as a Little Black Dress, and it has a moniker and an acronym: Demand/Withdraw or DM/W.

It isn’t a new pattern, of course—the so-called “nagging” wife shows up in folklore all over the world, in many varied (and misogynistic) forms—but research shows that DM/W is a powerful predictor of marital dissatisfaction and divorce.

"And it does tremendous damage." The silent treatment is part of what's called a "demand-withdraw" pattern.

"It's the most common pattern of conflict in marriage or any committed, established romantic relationship," says Paul Schrodt, Ph.Other activities and the services of the Conflict Resolution Center are described here: Courses | Publications by faculty members | Dissertations and theses CMS 354 Conflict Mediation CMS 371K Practicum in Conflict Mediation Browning, L. D., professor and graduate director of communication studies at Texas Christian University."And it does tremendous damage." Schrodt led a meta-analysis of 74 studies, including more than 14,000 participants, "A Meta-Analytical Review of the Demand/Withdraw Pattern of Interaction and its Associations with Individual, Relational, and Communicative Outcomes," published in (March, 2014).Some individuals are far more likely to find themselves in this kind of conflict than others.


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