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I hear this question all the time, from men and media, "Why Russian women want to leave Russia?" Another popular question is, "Why Russian women want to marry American men?

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Most Western men who spend any time in Russia quickly find out that they can have their pick of beautiful Russian girls.

It’s assumed that this is because the Russians are aching to move away.

Except in certain countries that practice selective abortion of children of female gender, such as China, the average birth ratio is 110 boys for 100 girls.

Nature is well made to counteract the higher mortality of male children.

Russia lost over 29,000,000 during that conflict, most of them men.

These days, the reasons are less dramatic and probably have more to do with lifestyle choices than anything else.

Canada is a peaceful country without wars, with a relatively high-performing health system.

In Canada, men play sports, are not large consumers of alcohol or cigarettes (considering that Canadian government highly taxes these toxic products).

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Indeed, when one reaches the age of 20, there should be an equal number of men and women.

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