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The idea with alot of these guys is send the girl back to the village ( Pattaya bar scene) in extreme cases hiring a Pattaya private eye to spy on them.

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Unless you plan to stay for longer than 90 days at a time, a regular tourist visa will likely be sufficient.

Please click the appropriate link to find all details you need to know: A Non-immigrant “O” (dependent) visa is also available, for example, for spouses and children of holders of a Non-Immigrant “B” visa, or people who have children with a Thai partner and can produce the (original) birth certificate.

Other types of Non-Immigrant visas include, e.g., investment and diplomatic visa.

Foreign visitors who meet “visa exemption” requirements and wish to stay in Thailand for a period not exceeding 30 days and for “tourism purposes” only (! All they need is a passport valid for at least six more months.

De beslagla 600 ulike klesplagg som urettmessig var påført designermerker som Louis Vuitton og Lacoste. september, og det sies at ingen, heller ikke dommerne i Høyesterett, kjenner utfallet.

Verdien på beslagene er i størrelesorden 1 million baht. Hver enkelt dommers standpunkt skal forefinnes i lukkede konvolutter.If you should get apprehended, however, without a valid visa while you’re still in the country, for example, if you get stopped at a police checkpoint, you’d be considered an illegal immigrant, face jail, harsh fines – and ultimately deportation. Nationals of currently 19 countries, including China and India, may apply for a 15-day visa on arrival.If you wish to stay in Thailand for longer than 30 days, however, it might be a good idea to a apply for a visa prior to boarding your plane to Bangkok.Etter at hun ikke møtte opp til den bebudede domsavsigelsen, den 25.august, utstedte domstolen arrestordre hvoretter hun må bringes til domstolen innen 30 dager. Hennes hotellrom var låst og et vindu var åpent, iflg The Nation.13 personer ble arrestert og hundrevis av kopi-varer ble beslaglagt i en razzia på Mike Shopping Mall i Pattaya.

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