key west florida dating - Dating your college roommate

Forget arguments over where to go for dates, boring journeys to meet the other and depressing days spent wondering when the next time you’ll see each other will be, they’re right there on tap when you want them.

Dating your college roommate

However, getting into a relationship with one of your housemates could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

There’s no denying that living mere meters away from your boy/girlfriend is incredibly convenient.

A single person in a big city will often find him or herself looking for love, a job, and a place to live all at once.

So when two of the three can be attained in one fell swoop, the opportunity can be difficult to turn down.

By this point, we had split for a second time, deciding to be just roommates yet again (I'd broken up with him after hearing he was interested in another girl). Everyone's eyes seemed to sweep over Sean's closed door. We never had to take long train rides or brave Boston's snowy streets to see each other.

Our other roommate was hosting her birthday party in the living room. We never fussed over who would spend the night at whose apartment. We'd play house, cooking for each other and watching movies on the couch.

Many times we think we know how another person feels, especially when we're hoping for a particular answer.

We read into things, take cues that don't exist, and make assumptions about the priorities of others.

If it’s blatantly obvious that sparks are flying faster than a Katie Hopkins insult on Twitter, the ‘forbidden fruit’ of dating might be worth a bite. ONLY TAKE THE RISK IF YOU THINK IT’S WORTH IT If one of you is ready to shop for matching sets of Le Creuset while the other had some inconsequential post-cocktail bonking in mind, it’s going to end in tears.

And be warned: When you live together it’ll be much harder to hide under a duvet fort of mascara-stained pizza boxes whilst belting out snivelley renditions of ‘Someone Like You’. Without a plan, it’s easy to slide into a hairy legged comfort zone before you’ve really had a chance to get to know each other.

So make sure you’re both on the same page before you squeeze your bum into circulation restricting underwear and start doing your sex dance. ‘FESS UP TO YOUR HOUSEMATES Sneaking in and out of each other’s rooms has as excitement threshold of about a week.

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