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Written by Christine Holland On September 14, 2002, I married an amazing man.

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And also it depends if that woman likes to wear high heeled shoes a lot or when going out on a date. If all you do is drink soda, beer and eat beef jerky all the time then I think it will play a little factor.

It took one hour: I learned (more than once) that abstinence was the only foolproof way to protect yourself against pregnancy and STIs, that genital herpes was akin to the plague, and that heterosexual sex was the only kind of sex.

In tough times, one truly discovers the kind of person they’re married to. We would often say with a wink that mom pulled a few strings for us!

Our beautiful baby boy, Jude Patrick Holland, was born on August 23rd, 2005, welcomed into this world by the family and friends who had began loving him when he was but a hope and a dream.

Believe it or not, those were my darkest days — even more as I write these words today. As the Patron of Lost Causes and Desperate Cases, Saint Jude’s aid is sought when all hope is lost and all other avenues are closed, his help often coming at the last moment.

Believing it wasn’t in God’s plan for me to have a child, I prayed, pleaded and bargained with Him to trust in me: I vowed to be the mother I never had and promised never to take my child for granted. He would not allow me to be discouraged — always reminding me that we were already a family, one just smaller than most, he meant every word and I believed him. After two plus years, via in-vitro fertilization, Jim and I found out we were pregnant in 2004 on Christmas Eve, coincidentally, the same day my mother passed away when I was seven years old.

In this survey, 86% of blacks said that they would welcome a white person into their families.

Among Asians, 77% would welcome a white person into their families, 71% would welcome a Latino, and 66% would welcome a black person.

After our wedding, we longed to share our love and life with a child of our own but had difficulty getting pregnant.


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