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Archaeological evidence also suggest that the Mayans were experimenting with a variety of materials to replace missing teeth, using carved stones, bone and shell fragments, which may have eventually partially fused with the bone.Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.

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Dentures and dating

Research dating back to the 1960s indicates that partial denture wearers [Figure 2] over the years suffer more decay and gum disease than non-partial denture wearers, all other variables being equal.

The primary reason is that RPDs attach to the remaining teeth and other structures, the gum ridge areas where teeth once were, and the palate on which they rely for retention (to keep them in your mouth).

Dentures are the traditional path for loss of teeth but they are not the only option.

False teeth were being fitted into the mouths of Etruscans, who lived in what is now central Italy, as early as 700 B. In spots where a tooth was missing, the band would contain a fake tooth (often another person's or animal's tooth) held in place by small pins [sources: Dunn, James].

In fact, over 20% of adults over the age of 65 have no natural teeth left.

Of those who do still retain some natural teeth, nearly half – 47% – still wear dentures.Dentures have a long history, dating back to 500BC when the Etruscans in northern Italy made the first false teeth from human or other animal teeth.Full wooden dentures were invented in the 16th century by the Japanese, using bees wax to get the right shape and size through a mould of the original grin.A fixed bridge, or fixed partial denture, uses crowns on the teeth located on either side of a gap to affix a fake tooth, which is cemented into place. If all your teeth were missing, however, you'd probably consider complete dentures.Stumbling across used dentures isn't normally a celebratory event, but a group of archaeologists in Lucca are doing just that after discovering dentures that date back hundreds of years.About the best use for these transitional appliances is as a temporary measure during healing, periodontal therapy, implant placement or like treatments.


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