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Home | Ancient History Sourcebook | Medieval Sourcebook | Modern History Sourcebook | Byzantine Studies Page Other History Sourcebooks: African | East Asian | Global | Indian | Islamic | Jewish | Lesbian and Gay | Science | Women's"There are transitional forms between the metals and non-metals; between chemical combinations and simple mixtures, between animals and plants, between phanerogams and cryptogams, and between mammals and birds. The second essay, which gives its title to the book, has already appeared in my Love's Coming-of-Age" (edition 1906), but is reprinted here as belonging more properly to this volume. THE subject dealt with in this book is one of great, and one may say growing, importance.

I have thought it best, however, to leave them as they stand, as in this way each is more complete in itself.

She is befriended by a group of socialites and begins her rite of passage in their world.

Annie, the mistress of a middle-aged financier, accompanies him on a trip to Hong Kong.

When his business interests collapse Annie ends up destitute.

Aristotle was born in the small Greek town of Stagiros (later Stagira) in the northern Greek district of Chalcidice.

His father, Nicomachus, was a physician who had important social connections, and Aristotle's interest in science was surely spurred by his father's work, although Aristotle does not display a particularly keen interest in medicine as such.

The events of his early life are not clear, but it is possible that his father served at the Macedonian court as physician to Amyntas II and that Aristotle spent part of his youth there.

At the age of 17 Aristotle joined Plato's circle at the Academy in Athens. Aristotle left for Assos in Mysia (in Asia Minor), where he and Xenocrates joined a small circle of Platonists who had already settled there under Hermias, the ruler of Atarneus.

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His daughter Nicole, a famous nightclub performer in Paris, is questioned by the police about some missing diamonds but she...

See full summary » The Case of the Scorpion's Tail begins with the mysterious death of a millionaire and spirals into the murder of his suddenly rich wife, which draws the attention of a dogged investigator, who follows a trail of blood to the bitter end.

The improbability may henceforth be taken for granted of finding in Nature a sharp cleavage between all that is masculine on the one side and all that is feminine on the other; or that any living being is so simple in this respect that it can be put wholly on one side, or wholly on the other, of the line." THE following papers, now collected in book-form, have been written--and some of them published--on various occasions during the last twelve or fourteen years, and in the intervals of other work; and this must be my excuse for occasional repetitions or overlapping of matter, which may be observable among them.


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