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We believe that the best advertising comes from local offers and opportunities instead of larger national advertisers that passengers see everywhere else.

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Credit card companies don't make the distinction between those who want to buy marijuana for medical reasons and those who buy it for recreational purposes."Most merchant services companies do not want to accept credit card transactions from cannabis businesses," says Kristi Kelly, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group, a non-profit trade organization for licensed cannabis businesses. Discover and American Express confirmed they don't allow cardholders to buy medical or recreational marijuana. Mastercard pleads the Fifth, acknowledging the legality isn't clear-cut."The federal government considers marijuana sales illegal, but is currently not challenging state laws that legalize marijuana sales," says Seth Eisen, a company spokesman.

Federal law still bans the sale of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, even though 29 states and Washington, D. "Given this complexity, we continue to monitor the situation, seek guidance from regulators and inform merchant acquirers of any new developments."Many banks won't extend basic banking services to marijuana dispensaries, meaning checks can't be used for payment either.

Westend61/Getty Images If you're seeking some digital titillation, don't try to use your American Express card for the experience."American Express' policy does not allow the acceptance of the card for digital adult content," says Leah Gerstner, a company spokeswoman.

Trip Cam Local Ads are all about building a valuable and lasting relationship with your favorite local businesses.

Open ALPR is cross-platform and can interoperate with a variety of programming language.

In the September 2015 issue of the consumer magazine Which?If you're intent on buying one of these naughty things, "it pays to discover" they can't be bought with your credit card.Heath Korvola/Getty Images Cash is king when it comes to pot.The moment an unwelcome visitor drives past your security cameras Open ALPR will send you an alert.Use a more cost-effective and accurate approach to identify suspicious activity.If you want to introduce Alfred to your audience, we have made it easy by creating a press kit you can use.


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