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Sales associates have a target of 80% of new customers signing on to Jump, which is generously described as “widely unrealistic.” To meet goals, employees said it was “generally accepted that in a bad week, with the right customers…you’d make an adjustment, just add the insurance on without asking.

Worst case, [the customer] will just call customer service and have it removed, but if you picked right, most people would never notice.

Sales associates claimed that in some stores, there was a store-wide culture, reinforced by specific goals, that would push employees to regularly “slam” customers with services and products they didn’t need.

You’ll have to enter a credit card number or Paypal account info to take advantage of the offer but if you’re not totally happy you can cancel at any time and you won’t be charged.

If you do decide to continue you’ll automatically become a regular Spotify Premium user after the seven days is over and you’ll be charged on a monthly basis.

It also offers SIM-only plans for pretty decent prices.

As it’s on EE’s network (which itself is a combination of the old UK networks T-Mobile and Orange) you’re likely to get excellent coverage and good download speeds.

So now, there’s no reason not to try Spotify Premium, give it a spin today!

It seems it was a moment ago when we were all dreaming about virtual reality and now we finally have it.

When EA shut down Dungeon Keeper's developer Mythic, known for the Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online massively multiplayer games, was anyone surprised?

So when I sat down with EA boss Andrew Wilson at E3 earlier this month, I wanted to know if the company had learned any lessons from the Dungeon Keeper debacle, and whether the overwhelming negative reaction had reached the very top.

In December last year, a labor advocacy group published a report detailing many of these claims.

Using a mixture of employee interviews and FTC complaints, Change to Win identified a trend of consumers having mobile phone insurance or extra lines added to their bills without permission, thanks to pressure on sales associates to meet sales goals focused on these extras.

Here we take a quick look at each operator and what they offer right now. BT is fairly new to the market, and uses its branded services on EE’s UK network.


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