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Thankfully for the confused world, an eagle-eyed writer at MTV UK realized that even before the eyebrow-raising dinner, Ora shot down the idea of dating Malik during a radio interview.

One Direction Music Videos Ranked Worst to Best"Zayn, he's gorgeous, but, I just...

that can't happen," Ora told Capital FM radio earlier this week.

Promptitude and self-possession may do good service to humanity and the fair, at such a juncture.

Should you observe ladies whom you know, unattended by a gentleman, alighting from or entering a carriage, especially if there is no footman, and the driver maintains his seat, at once advance, hold the door open, and offer your hand, or protect a dress from the wheel, or the like, and bowing, pass on, all needed service rendered; or, if more familiarity and your own wish sanction it, accompany them where they may chance to be entering." " Upon passing servants, or other inferiors in station, whom you wish to recognize, in the street, it is a good practice, without bowing or touching the hat, to salute them in a kindly voice.

Pimples, nervousness, girls (wondering what they thought).

I was like an island of self-concern in a sea of social turmoil.

Aside from the fact that dinner doesn't necessarily mean a date, it should be pointed out that both singers are managed by Turn First Artists -- so there's a pre-established business connection that could account for the meet-up.

But that didn't stop the Internet from exploding with curiosity.Indeed, other recent studies on polarization note that political discourse on social media is increasingly fractured, with a high percentage of Twitter users, for example, providing links primarily to websites with similar ideological content.Although the latest data from the American National Election Study suggests that Americans are indeed moving further apart, Princeton political scientists Lori Bougher and Markus Prior call into question some of the survey data and methods.Results from recent Pew Research Center surveys indicate that Democrats and Republicans continue to move away from each other on the ideological spectrum: “Across 48 different questions covering values about government, foreign policy, social and economic issues and other realms, the average difference between the opinions of Republicans and Democrats now stands at 18 percentage points …nearly twice the size of the gap in surveys conducted from 1987-2002.” At the anecdotal level, polarization just seems to be “in the air” — from the television airwaves to the blur of social media streams.Such claims and counter-claims are part of a long-running research debate, going back more than a decade now, about the true nature of polarization in America.


  1. Bianca fell deeply in love with Maggie, and Maggie strung Bianca along for months before finally declaring that she was only "into guys" and that she could not be the woman for Bianca.

  2. I always knew I wanted Elena’s story to be a six season adventure, and within those six years I got the journey of a lifetime.

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