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A news release from the coroner’s office said she was shot multiple times, and the office ruled her death a homicide, the city's ninth this year.

The police department and the coroner’s office are investigating.

Ward, Georgalas, and Cowher are all smiling and looking like they’re having a great time, and Queen V looks like she wants to have nothing to do with that great time. They’re very much in the vain of late 80’s hair metal.

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Bill Cowher’s girlfriend Queen V is really named Veronica, but nobody knows her last name.

She’s also the frontwoman in a rock band also called Queen V.

Yeah, if you weren't there I would of won." Johnson and Herjavec tied the knot last month, and are obviously still sporting that newlywed glow.

The cute couple enjoyed an amazing honeymoon in Bora Bora, and Johnson is still getting used to her new title as "Mrs." "It's funny that it does feel different in some ways, but it's still the same you know? "I still think we are on a high back from the honeymoon.

YOUNGSTOWN — The Mahoning County Coroner’s Office has identified the woman found shot to death about p.m.

today in an SUV on Oneta Street as Rae’venna Faircloth-Thomas, 24, of Youngstown.

Bill is a widower; his wife Kaye died of skin cancer in 2010.

So we’re happy to see him out and about with his new rocker girlfriend.

You may remember Queen V from a photo featuring Hines Ward, Ward’s girlfriend Lyndsey Georgalas, and Bill Cowher.

The photo is pretty funny, and I encourage you to check it out.

The couple makes it a priority to keep the fire alive while still having structure in their home.


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