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Phase 2 will include badges, learning plans linked to accredited competency frameworks, wikis (for collaborative content development) and new content from international thought leaders and academics.

Flaskas (2007) provides a useful image of a “spiral” to illustrate this relationship.

This perspective is based on the suggestion of practice generating theory, that theory then informs and shapes practice, research and practice then tests the boundaries of the theory, theory is broadened and developed, which in turn informs practice, and that in turn then challenges theory.

If a person experiences trauma; specifically that of domestic violence, either directly or vicariously (indirectly) from a young age, they do not properly pass though the appropriate developmental stages.

This will hinder their emotional growth—causing them to remain stuck in one particular stage.

Managing organizational change will be more successful if you apply these simple principles.

Achieving personal change will be more successful too if you use the same approach where relevant.

It is well documented that the cycle of violence is a constant, causing patterns of violence to develop within the family over a period of generations.

Much of the client population we serve in the field of social work, have experienced or at least witnessed some form of violence whether it is indirectly within their neighborhood or directly from someone they know/love or watching someone they love be badly hurt, beaten, or killed.

It is intended that the reader begin by reading Appendix A to gain insight into the details of the case under discussion.


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