Is kristen stewart dating robert pattinson yahoo answers

Okay so I was online and I searched Robert PAttinson on Google.

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They were seen together in the 2008 MTV movie awards and other youtube videos.

Kristen Stewart is MAYBE going out with actor Michael Angarano.

Haha, I'm not a lesbian - thats not why im asking.

I just though because she comes across a bit of one to me, and she really admires Jodi Foster - whos a lesbian, and she wont admit shes with Rob was just a theory really.

Ashley Greene says that they clearly have chemistry off screen and that they are dating (even though she doesn't like the idea).

i have read in a bunch of magazines that they are officially a couple but they don't want to be too public about it...

Because they spend A LOT of time together at hotel rooms over night and they go to concerts and parties together all the time.

I personally think that they are probably dating but want to keep it on the DL until it gets more official. just because i want them too, doesn't mean they are. 2) well,i believe they r dating doen't mean that i believe all the rumours..rumours are getting out of hand....(kristen is pregnant,kristen n rob are kissing,they want to move in together) i know they get real close in king of leons concert,i believe they r dating bt i dun think they r kissing that night (if they r trying so hard to hide,why r they kissing in a public place with their costars sitting beside) 3)you will see me jumping n get crazy if they admitted that they r really dating....i seriously hope they will be together in reality....i'm a super huge robsten fan....i'm pretty much praying for that to happen.....

I don't really think it's anyone's business if they're dating or not.

She is supposed to be dating Michael Angarano and they have been dating for like 4-5 years now.

But as a joke he asks everyone to marry him, but they aren't dating.

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