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She studied at the Circle in the Square Theatre School and also briefly attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

Jordana also enjoys photography and has produced and directed several shorts. Jordana has starred in two shows set in Chicago - The Mob Doctor (2012) and My Boys (2006).

But rest assured, Jank 'shippers, they finally get their date in Episode 2.

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Remember Jen, the nurse played by Jordana Spiro whom Hank flirted with in the Season 7 finale?

She and Hank (and her adorable son) reconnect in the May 18 season premiere and, as luck would have it, she's still single, all these months later. A major curveball in the first episode nearly gives Hank cold feet (infuriatingly).

As of now her career is reaching a high note as she’s been featured on one of Neflix’s new shows, Ozark.

While her fame is still on the rise she’s a promising actress that’s accomplished a fair amount of success since coming on the scene in 1995.

Jeanette was also born in Louisiana, the daughter of Joseph Hirsch, who was born in Belgium, and of Henriette Buel, who was born in Germany.

Jordana’s paternal grandmother was Rebecca Belle Cohen (the daughter of Isaac Cohen and Bella/Belle Lakofsky/Lakowsky).

Here are a few things you may or may not have known about Jordanna. She has a lot of reservations about trusting Marty and trying to figure out what he’s into, but as it’s already been seen she’s not shy about helping herself to the proceeds he’s hidden away when she does. She’s more like a floundering personality that just wants a way out of her current predicament. She attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

Like several other actors she’s had a classical education and it shows.

I.: New York starring Carmine Giovinazzo in the first season "Tanglewood".

Jordana Spiro was born and raised in Manhattan, NY and is one of five children.

There are some news on her related to her pregnancy and her First child (children) available on some of the media outlets.


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