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Charlotte, the WWE Divas champion, responded like any other kid, saying her dad likes to “blow things out of proportion.” “He’s single, he makes a lot of money, he’s a man,” Flair said, explaining why Love must be interested.

Apparently the two have been dating since last year but her name is finally circulating.

with Maggie Gray and his daughter Charlotte, Ric Flair said he thinks Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love would like Charlotte’s phone number.

They’re not even dating, but Kevin Love already has the approval of Charlotte Flair’s father.

During an appearance on “SI Now with Maggie Gray” on Friday, Ric Flair shared that the Cavaliers forward is a fan of his WWE Divas daughter and “wants her digits.” “I am the Cavaliers’ biggest fan,” he revealed.

When other movies are done with a predominantly white cast, we don't call them a white film.

I'm trying to remove the stigma off things they call black films.

He gloats about the time he visited Taco Bell headquarters and dazzled employees with his knowledge of a long-discontinued regional menu item called Mexi-Nuggets.

As for his sneaker deal, the crown jewel of cool for NBA players, he's signed by a Chinese company called 361 Degrees.

(Documentary) (performer: "Chocolate Droppa Intro Skit", "Baller Alert", "Give It Back", "Stretch Marks", "Chocolate Droppa Skit (Act 1, 2)", "What Happened To", "All Day", "Scream", "Saturday Night", "Sunday Morning", "What Now", "Push It On Me", "Love O'Clock", "Chocolate Droppa Outro Skit" - uncredited) / (writer: "Chocolate Droppa Intro Skit", "Chocolate Droppa Skit (Act 1, 2)", "Chocolate Droppa Outro Skit" - uncredited) Here's the thing.

We do a movie with a predominantly black cast and it's put in a category of being a black film.

You consider all this and the name Kevin Love sounds aptly funny.


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