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They relieve the company of any liability during the time period of the office romance prior to the signing of the contract.

At several client companies, managers and employees have attended sexual harassment training.

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To their credit, Lawrence and Upton opted to have their nude shots featured in an art exhibit. In other states, perpetrators can be slapped with lawsuits alleging invasion of privacy, copyright infringement and a myriad of other violations.

It’s easy to dismiss Vonn’s and Woods’ legal caterwauling. ” But humans have always engaged in self-destructive behavior.

The actual test of whether an employee has a reasonable expectation of privacy is who owns the equipment used to transmit the message. There are two areas in which there remains some legal protection for workplace privacy. § 2510, employers are given an exemption for calls made “in the ordinary course of business.” Courts interpret this to mean that employers can eavesdrop on all business telephone calls but cannot listen to or record messages it knows are personal.

If the equipment belongs to the employer, the employer has the right to monitor anything and everything on it. The first is personal conversations that occur at work. Under federal wiretapping laws, it is illegal to listen to or record conversations without the consent of the parties. In theory, employers that monitor employee telephone calls are required to hang up when they realize the call is personal.

Except now, much of it occurs in cyberspace, and is easily traceable.

This isn’t because people are becoming more perverted, either.

His first semester he was so relaxed about deadlines with his undergraduates he had to adjust some of his research plans because of delays.

That experience taught him a lesson: There are times when you can wear your "friend" hat, but other times when you need to be the boss, he says.

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods are preparing to wage legal battle over their leaked nude pictures. Old photos of Woods and Vonn, who dated from 2012 until 2015, surfaced Monday on the smut website Celebrity Jihad.


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