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Despite living in the same area, and sharing many common interests, the two had never met before.

Cavin was hesitant at first, but ultimately agreed to a date.

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I couldn't help but wonder, in a , Carrie Bradshaw type of way: Is this worth it?

Will online dating help me find true love in Madison?

Unfortunately, though, they could only accommodate one pet — so they had to make a choice between them.

"We had such a hard time picking one at the shelter because they looked so much alike and we couldn't tell them apart," Cavin tells The Dodo.

Even though this app is the number one dating app in China, the company wants to be known for more than just that.

They have launched a campaign to help homeless cats and dogs in China. But it still doesn’t detract from the fact that many still peg Momo as a just 约炮 | yuē pào | hookup app.This app uses the same Swipe Right or Left matching method as Tinder.This means if you are familiar with Tinder, you should have no problem navigating Tan Tan.This unlikely romantic tale begins in 2014 when Cavin, then a single mom, decided to welcome a cat into her family.She and her daughter headed to their local animal shelter in Petaluma, California, and instantly fell in love with a pair of identical twin kittens.Also, unlike Momo, you can use this app in English.

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