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The Fox smash hit from our youth turns 10 years old today, and while some of the show’s bigger stars (like Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson), have been pretty easy to keep tabs on over the years, the most obscure breakouts from the first season have left us wondering: What the heck have they been up to all these years? Peter Gallagher: Peter Gallagher had a pretty solid acting career behind him before the show even started, so it’s no big surprise that it’s continued on since the show’s demise in 2007.Wonder no more, fans: We’ve got the scoop for you below. Starring in everything from the totally underrated 2.

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We mean she NEVER actually confirmed pregnancy OR birth! Related: The First Choices For The Looks like someone wanted to keep their beautiful baby under wraps! [ Related: Kirsten Dunst Looks Killer In The New Season Of Fargo! However, an insider shared that the happy couple DID throw a party for their 50 closest friends and family at their El Lay home. However, the couple is incredibly private and have never publicly confirmed the baby news that leaked back in May! The starlet revealed last year: co-stars are able to keep their private lives private — they both stay away from social media and venture out from the city. Taylor Swift has dropped new music, and amid all the energy and excitement around that, we've been left to wonder whether her long-standing feud with Katy Perry is actually over.

Not only were Adam Brody and Leighton Meester hush-hush about their bundle of joy's name and gender, but the reports that have been circling the internet said that they welcomed their little one last week. Related: Leighton Flaunts Her Growing Baby Bump In LA According to the child's birth certificate, the actors had a bouncing baby Yay!! Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are officially first-time parents as it's been revealed that they welcomed their beautiful baby last week! Related: Leighton Flaunts Her Growing Baby Bump In LA Can you believe it was back in May when the super-secretive couple practically announced they were expecting?? We're so thrilled for expectant couple and cannot wait to see meet their little one — if they let us. Related: Taylor Is FAR From The Only Artist To Make A Diss Track!

Her most recent roles were back in 2015, with guest spots on both 4.

Mischa Barton: Since her breakout role as everyone’s favorite “It Girl,” Marissa Cooper, Mischa took some much-needed time off from the spotlight after the series ended, though she remained in the tabloid headlines thanks to her rather tumultuous personal life, which included some struggles with mental health.

Adam Brody scored a big break early on when he landed the role of Barry Williams (who played Greg Brady) in the NBC TV movie, Growing Up Brady, based on the '60s TV show, The Brady Bunch.

After that, reoccurring roles on Gilmore Girls (Dave) and Once and Again (Coop) helped keep Adam Brody's name and face in people's heads.

Birthdate: April 8, 1980Birthplace: San Deigo, California Adam Brody was born and raised in California.

As a teenager, surfing, skateboarding and having a blast with his buddies was at the top of his to-do list, not acting.

Adam Brody had roles in The Ring (playing a teenager named Kellen) and American Pie 2 (his character was simply called High School Guy).

Adam Brody headed back to TV-land and scored a sweet role on the Fox hit The O. Adam Brody plays Seth Cohen, the geeky, yet hilarious and witty son of Sandy (Peter Gallagher) and Kirsten Cohen (Kelly Rowan).

But when Adam Brody graduated high school, and convinced his 'rents to let him go to college in LA, acting was very much on his brain.

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