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Many of us here in Singapore use webcams or security cameras to help us keep an eye on the situation at home.

With just a couple of clicks, anyone who wanted to could be peering into your most private space.

As reported by Asia One, more than 785 cameras from around Singapore are being made accessible online.

However, reportedly, many of these cameras are unprotected and unsecured.

In other words, this means that your video footage can be accessed and streamed on the world wide web for anyone to see.

While the website does state that the cameras are now filtered in order to protect the privacy of individuals, we were still able to to see what looked very much like a home instead of a warehouse or restaurant.

The New Paper (TNP) has also reported that even if you aren’t unable to find your stream on Insecam, it does not mean that you are safe and that your footage is private.

However, in parts of Western England and Wales they now seem to be increasing and this project is helping to monitoring this change.

Chester Zoo has provided funding to install cameras within the Lesser Horseshoe Bat roost at Nantclwyd y Dre in Ruthin.

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes heard she'd got into an argument with a former friend as she dropped her children off at Braddan school at 8.55am on July 19.

Jones pulled in front of the woman, hitting her car, before getting out and shouting at her in front of other parents and their youngsters.

But she was alerted to the hack after a stranger saw a live stream video from inside the bedroom on the "Live Camera Viewer" app and posted it to Facebook in an attempt to alert the family involved.


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