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First-year students will be able select their housing assignment in May 2017.

) There does seem to be a school of thought out there that thinks a DND sign means that hotel staff should not call the room either, but I don’t subscribe to that.

Of course if you request no calls to your room we will abide.

"It's whether she conveyed her lack of consent."But Deputy Lancaster County Attorney Dan Packard said Creager was being an armchair quarterback when he argued that a good swift kick would have ended it.

The woman testified that she went to another place in her head during the incident. Maybe jurors would have acted differently, he said, but that's not the question. He's smooth, saying, 'Let it happen,'" Packard said.

The student, a junior who has been referred to in the suit as “Joel Doe,” was standing in his underwear about to put on his gym clothes when he realized that a female student, who was also getting dressed, was in the locker room, the suit says.

The second student had recently begun transitioning from female to male, and was wearing shorts and a bra when the first student noticed her, according to Fiedorek.First and foremost, it is one of the cardinal rules of hospitality that employees are not supposed to knock on a door with a Do Not Disturb (DND) sign on it. The hotel has a legal right to ignore the DND sign any time and for any reason. The way it’s supposed to work is that a hotel will only violate the DND sign if they have reason to believe that health, safety or property may be an issue.Examples: So the above two reasons are certainly not valid excuses for hotel staff violating the DND sign, but they go a long way towards explaining why it sometimes happens in hotels without excellent housekeeping management.In that case, if we still need to communicate with you and if there is no emergency, we’ll slip a note under the door.Likely more than you want to know about hotel DND signs but I had fun writing this all down for the first time 🙂 What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you have any funny stories to share along these lines? We don’t record the Q&A, to allow everyone to speak as freely as possible.

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