dating haitian single site web - Not dating in high school

Friends are important – and we need to choose them wisely.

But one thing we often miss when choosing our friends is the advantages of having solid, healthy friendships with members of the opposite gender.

Most of us have our own same-gender friends we relate to so naturally, but all too many of us are missing the other half of friendship that God has in store for us.

Going into high school at 14 years old was exhilarating.

My friends and I talked nonstop about cute boys or girls, and everyone couldn’t wait to be in a serious relationship. I believed that high school meant love, relationships and all the physical elements that went along with those things.

A few months into my freshman year, I jumped right into a relationship.

However, I didn’t know the guy well and soon found out that my infatuation was short-lived.

Actually, if you want to save yourself a ton of disappointment and strangeness, you should just skip it…

because dating in high school is seriously overrated.

Even if you don’t have strict parents and technically date whoever you want, dating in high school is actually a lot more trouble than it’s worth.

I’m not here to rag on how everyone’s immature and you’re all still “kids” anyway because if I’m being honest, no one really gets that much more mature after graduation, so sorry to disappoint there.

Figuring out your romantic options may be challenging when almost everyone you know is straight identifying, but it’s not impossible, and if you continue to put yourself out there, eventually you will find a person to share your soul with.

Tons of people still think that you need to have at least one major relationship in high school or else something’s wrong with you.

If they say high school was “the best years ever,” still wearing their varsity letterman jacket (six years after graduation) – well, then you know pretty confidently that their current phase of life ain't too hot.

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