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For projects created before the release of v1.1 of the Java Script API for Office and add-in manifest schema, you need to update your add-in's HTML pages to reference CDN of the v1.1 library, and update your add-in's manifest file to use schema v1.1.

The update process is applied on a - you'll need to repeat the updating process for each add-in project in which you want to use v1.1 of and add-in manifest schema.

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Please send a photocopy of one of these documents, a copy of a photo ID and your written or faxed request to the Registrar Service Center.

We cannot accept only a copy of your current driver's license or social security card.I thought there was in the past but not sure for Office 2016.It looks like a known "feature": Office 365 updates don't download for metered connections The only apparent workaround is to "run an Online Repair for Office 365 from Programs and Features": Office Update and Metered Connection Conflict .You don't need local copies of the Java Script API for Office files (and app-specific files) to develop an Office Add-in (referencing the CDN for downloads the necessary files at runtime), but if you want a local copy of the library files you can use the Nu Get Command-Line Utility and the Note: After updating the version of the add-in manifest schema to 1.1, you will need to remove the Capabilities and Capability elements, and replace them with either the Hosts and Host elements or the Requirements and Requirement elements.I received this question over Skype about updating Office (2016) over a Metered Connection in Windows 10. Is there a place where they can manually download installers to update Office?I suspect the problem is with Win 10 and has nothing to do with 2016.


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