Omnicom consolidating 2016

Its larger rival WPP (wppgy) is defending .5 billion in billings, which, after costs, ultimately account for 1.1% of the British agency's annual revenue.

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Unlike rival WPP, Omnicom has no desire to compete with Google and other tech platforms or play venture capitalist with emerging platforms.

Instead, Nelson believes in forming partnerships with these platforms on behalf of clients.

The networks weren’t clamoring for new kinds of measurement.

It wasn’t until OTT kicked in when the traditional TV industry worried about the value of programming across multiple distribution chains.

In other words, the volume of advertising accounts put up for review recently by some of the country's biggest advertisers is unprecedented.

Some of the biggest marketers in the world, including Coca-Cola (ko), Johnson & Johnson (jnj), Mondelez International (mdlz), Procter & Gamble (pg), and Unilever (un), have their accounts up for review and may very well switch advertising agencies this year.

“That’s different from the all-Nielsen world that TV has traditionally operated in.

And I want to connect all of this to the world of data-driven television.” Steuer spoke with Ad Exchanger about the potential and reality of data-driven television.

As such, OMG’s syndicated and investment research teams both report to him.

“Historically, there’s research that supports planning and there’s attribution data and measurement data that supports everything from ad effectiveness measurement to where the audiences are,” he said.

The ad industry is locked in a mad scramble, as the biggest players on Madison Avenue prepare to wage war over roughly billion in ad spending.


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