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However, the unlawful detainer action clearly arose out of Tenant's unprotected activity in failing to pay rent and CAM charges, rather than out of Tenant's protected petitioning activity in filing the prior lawsuit against Landlord.

Then, in response to the unlawful detainer complaint, Tenant filed a special motion to strike, asserting the unlawful detainer complaint arose out of Tenant's protected petitioning activity in filing the initial lawsuit.

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Three weeks before Landlord filed the instant unlawful detainer action against Tenant for failure to pay rent and common area maintenance (CAM) charges, Tenant filed suit against Landlord for breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment and negligent interference with prospective economic relations.

] a household word—at least in legal households” (Paterno v. The purpose of the unlawful detainer statutes “ ‘is to provide the landlord with a summary, expeditious way of getting back his property when a tenant fails to pay the rent or refuses to vacate the premises at the end of his tenancy.’ [Citations.]” (Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University v. App.4th 330, 338.) Here, however, Tenant succeeded in stalling the unlawful detainer action for a protracted period of time by bringing a meritless special motion to strike.

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