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I am calm, reliable, serious, have a sense of humor, and a romantic. I want to find an attractive man for a serious relationship that leads to marriage and children.

I do enjoy traveling, but I really do not like to go alone.

I have many friends and I like to spend time with them when I have time.

I have a great parents and I have a beautiful sister, she is the best my friend. I wish to be find man from 24 to 64 because I think he will clever ,romantic and he will not want to play with my heart.

The population of Voznesensk is 42.2 thousand people. It is situated on the Black Sea coast, near the mouth of the Dnieper. The population of Ochakov is 17.109 thousand people.

On the territory of Ochakov Area near the village Parutino is located the excavation of the ancient Greek city of Olbia.

I am open and cheerful, smart and emotional, active and communicative.

In fact, I am a woman and I can be different I adapt easily and forgive quickly.My man is self-sufficing and not the one who complains on his life He wants to create a strong friendly family and is ready to become a father.I know that is not possible to find a perfect man as I am not perfect woman But if we can laugh at our own shortcomings and misunderstandings, we can be a very good couple, agree?Changes are not scaring for me, they are exciting Loyalty is a must in relationships.I appreciate my friends and I am thankful to life for every day I have What we have in life depends on what steps we do, so I am sure that we are responsible for quality of our life. When this beautiful city was founded it was famous by its women.


  1. He's already got kids and is very happy with his status in life."Of course, a little looking never hurt anybody.

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