Pioneer tv guide not updating

Pioneer Communications has been providing southwestern Kansas with affordable and reliable telecommunications services for years now, and part of what makes our approach work so well for our customers is our commitment to providing the options you need.When it comes to cable TV, it means providing a variety of packages that allow our customers to get the channels they need on the budget they have.I have a Sanyo DP50749 plasma tv and a LG BD570 Blu Ray player. I have hooked the HDMI cable from the Blu Ray into the 3rd HDMI slot on the TV . You own a 720p plasma with limited downconverting capability. My father has a 50" LG 1080 HD Plasma television that he purchased sometime in 2010. When using the HDMI cable to connect the blu-ray player to the television, the television would display a blank screen.

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In broadcasts on digital channel 90 in metropolitan areas (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth) and channel 50 in some regional areas and digital channel 80 in Northern NSW.

You must have a HD television to receive this channel.

@ Blaine - Alot of equipment providers are required to have HDMI content protection as of 2013, the older TV may not support the decryption of the content protection.

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If the unit still does not power on, please contact our Service Dept. On the models listed below, Engineering has determined this to be part of the normal operation, if the unit will power on.

If the unit does not power on, service may be required on the set.

9Life on digital channel 94, a lifestyle channel from the Nine Network.

It is shown on digital channel 54 in some regional areas and digital channel 84 in Northern NSW.

I contact LG, Panasonic, and Sony to ask them about this issue - and EACH and every single manufacturer told me that their product was defective. I want to find him a blu-ray player that works, so that he can receive Netflix on his television set - but I am afraid that I will buy another unit that will not be compatible with his television set.

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