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Unfortunately this antivirus has a number of limitations that don’t allow us to recommend it for all users.Firstly, protection for web-surfing is only possible when installing Avira Search Free Toolbar, which adds another search agent to your browser ( second big ransomware attack - Petya - hit the headlines in late June.

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Every day new malware attacks of various descriptions target Windows PCs.

Some are scarier than others, but the Wanna Cry ransomware attack that hit huge organisations including the NHS earlier this year left many people more uncomfortable with their PC security than most.

The findings presented here are not my original work but come from a single source:’s antivirus comparison tests conduced in Nov 2008 (test #20) and Feb 2009 (test #21), which are the latest as of this writing.

It is somewhat difficult to reference these as sources because the av-comparatives site disallows direct linking to the test results and requests that all links be to its root domain (presumably because new tests are always published and they do not want links to results that may be obsolete).

You do get more if you buy an internet security suite, but what you get in the free version is stripped down package with a smaller feature set.

Don't expect to get extras such as spam filtering, improved firewalls, parental controls, password managers and support for mobile devices, although some of this can be had for free.

Avira Free Security Suite 2017 is a capable collection of the program's free security, privacy and optimisation products. Independent testing labs show its engine offers some of the best protection around, comparable with top commercial products from companies like Bitdefender and Kaspersky, and the latest edition ramps up your security even further with enhanced anti-ransomware technology.

Avira Browser Safety is a Chrome and Firefox extension which blocks access to known malicious sites.

Only this approach guarantees that you are 100% protected from the virus software, unlike the other online resources where it is possible.


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