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Filled with worldly canine wisdom, A Pug's Guide to Dating is a collection of 50 chuckle-inducing cartoons that will brighten anyone's day.

Who knows, maybe you could apply some of Gemma's sage advice to your own dating life.

For every successful lick there's an aborted leg hump, for each whiff of a pretty posterior there is a howl lamenting unrequited adoration.

Who knew that sniffing someone's backside in a park could be so alluring?

Bringing old issues into your current relationship only hurts you.

You can do it metaphorically, probably by spending less time on Facebook. One or two lines of dialog may change and sometimes you’ll get a positive response, but they all seem to drop into “smarmy” at the drop of a hat. And yes, it’s basically just a chain of picking dialog options while looking at a cartoon dog (on a time limit).But Hot Date is pretty enjoyable in its goofiness, even if it’s a little simplistic.You might have heard the rumors, or this might be a complete surprise. You’re given a limited amount of time to chat with each dog, and they supposedly have randomly-generated personalities so their responses to your questions can vary a bit.Regardless, Hot Date has officially been released for mobile devices, so now you can date dogs on the go. You sit at a table and talk to what looks like a pink pug – trying to get some chemistry going and hopefully finding your soul mate. But I have to say that after several dates there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference between them.For every successful lick there’s an aborted leg hump, for each whiff of a pretty posterior there is a howl lamenting unrequited adoration.


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  2. It is also a fairy tale Castle with its warm pink stone that glows in soft sunset light.

  3. The image immediately above shows a dish that is very easy to make and also very low-cost.

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  7. Let's start with a caveat: Trying to rate places on how they appeal to older singles is like picking a vacation spot for someone else.

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