Qsub bad uid for job execution failed validating

Deleting 'stuck' jobs To manually delete a "stale" job which has no process, and for which the mother superior is still alive, sending a sig 0 with qsig will often cause MOM to realize the job is stale and issue the proper Job Obit notice.Failing that, use momctl to be used in a grid setting with Silver, the scheduler needs to be run as root. Most versions of , it cannot read the job database of an Open PBS server (job structure sizes have been altered to increase functionality).

qsub bad uid for job execution failed validating-28

Why does my job keep bouncing from running to queued?

There are several reasons why a job will fail to start. Be sure to increase the loglevel on MOM if you don't see anything.

Alternatively, if this is for the common case of just automatically submitting a series of jobs which continue a run, you can look to see how job dependencies are handled at your site, and submit a convoy of jobs, each dependent on the successful completion of the last, which will then run in order.

I can do qstat, though, from submithosts and compute nodes.

PBS_Server: pbsd_init, Unable to read server database If this message is displayed upon starting pbs_server it means that the local database cannot be read. Also, a compiled in 32-bit mode cannot read a database generated by a 64-bit pbs_server and vice versa.

To reconstruct a database (excluding the job database) qmgr -c "p s" # # Create queues and set their attributes.

For the moment my Run Job script stops correctly at the end of the first piece and also produces the correct output.

However, when it tries to restart I get the following error message: No, an unprivileged user can't change the settings of the queuing system.

[Update Nov 2016: I have since confirmed that this method works without change on 16.04 LTS as well, and have updated the post to note this.


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