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[email protected](16) "[email protected]" This feature is only available for PHP Versions (PHP 5 The description for FILTER_VALIDATE_URL seems incorrect/misleading.

"Beware a valid URL may not specify the HTTP protocol" implies a valid URL cannot specify the HTTP protocol.

Michael's regex considers [email protected] a valid address * which conflicts with section 2.3.5 of RFC 5321 which states that: * * Only resolvable, fully-qualified domain names (FQDNs) are permitted * when domain names are used in SMTP.

regular expression for validating url in php-3

You can use the Regular Expression Validator for almost everything, for instance validating an e-mail or an URL.

Try switching to Design view and select the Regular Expression Validator on your page.

This attribute simply holds the Regular Expression which should be used to validate the field.

Since Regular Expressions are beyond the scope of this tutorial, I won't try to explain it, other than it simply tells the validator that a value of 4 digitgs is acceptable, and nothing else.

These properties are normally resolved when the class is loaded.

This generally occurs before the test plan starts, so it's not possible to change the settings by using the Samplers perform the actual work of JMeter.

You can find many pre-made expressions out there, which can be very useful to you.

Here is an example where we require a 4 digit number - nothing else is acceptable: The only new attribute we use, is the validationexpression.

The following expressions will validate the number of days in a month but will NOT handle leap year validation; hence february can have 29 days every year, but not more. A SIN should also be validated by computing the checksum digit.


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