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Years of research and development by Wayne Leek’s Firearms Research Program team (also consisting of James Martin, Charles Morse, Clark Workman and R. Kelly) would soon produce in a new autoloader which combined the best features of all three, including appearance, balance, low recoil, durability and dependability under all field and target conditions.Never having had a shotgun to my shoulder before, I went out to Remington’s gun club, located in Stratford. The Lordship Gun Club had been around since the 1920s and, at that time, was open to the public. If one didn’t know how to shoot, excellent instructors were available for the asking.The Remington 1100 was the first semiautomatic shotgun to feature significant improvements in felt recoil, weight and reliability.

As far as 'reasonable price' then 250 bucks is in the ball park(and yes I am one of those that will dicker over price to save money thats why my 30ft travel trailer cost 20g's less then msrp and my truck 23g's less then sticker) for a barrel.

And no matter what Remington says, they did start numbering them in the Measures 26 inches and it is a factory barrel stamped modified and mikes at modified with vented rib.

These were simply cosmetic differences, however, and all 1100 parts in 12 Gauge fully interchange, including barrels and receivers.

Both the Sportsman Auto and the Pump were discontinued in 1987, concurrent with the introduction of the Remington 11-87 semi auto and the 870 Express pump model.

I have contacted Remington and they confirmed that information above is correct.

The Remington 1100 is a gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun, popular among sportsmen.

I have owned many remington rifles and 2 reimington shotguns. Other then replacing the barrel for a rem choke barrel, I will be putting on a decellerator pad to replace the factory black but plate and best of all I can do all the fitting of the pad(did on 2 custom mausers I built from frame up, stock and metel work).

And no matter what Remington says, they did start numbering them in the Hi everyone, I usually hang out on the CZ forum but I had to ask a question. I don't think I ever saw a 26" modified tube back then, but it has been 47 years. I have found one this morning at cabelas for 249 which will come home come pay day.

The gun shows no wear at the muzzle from having been fired allot(no blueing missing or faded) not a mark on the original wood. The serial number 52####v indicates, if i have read right, that the gun was made in 1979 based on the 'v' in the serial number. If you can fit recoil pads well, you are one up on me.

I don't think I ever saw a 26" modified tube back then, but it has been 47 years. The shotguns are an 870 that I inherited from my granddad and restored to factory new condition and a premeir 1187(bought first year they came out) but have never owned an 1100. My mother has shot an 1100 since the mid 60's when they first came out(bought for 45 buck from a used car dealer) and I have shot it in the past but I have always wanted my own. Modified barrel 26" long over all the gun is in 95% condition, bluing perfect and original end to end. Also any sources for a factory rem choked barrel at a reasonable price? I have brand new Remington 26" Target/Light Contour with one extended Sporting IC tube I will be happy to sell you for 0, delivered. Glad for you, but I would encourage you to double check and make sure it is the Light or Target Contour barrel.

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