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A bloody vaginal discharge The sexual assault of the herd of manatees on a human being could be explained by the menstrual cycle of the vacationer, believes Jane Keller, professor of biology at the University of South Florida.

“When a female manatee goes into estrus, she is soon detected and pursued by numerous male manatees throughout the cycle.

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During that time, the female can mate with a dozen or more males in what is known as an estrus or mating herd.

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Disney spokeswoman Marilyn Waters told CNN the three Disney employees arrested during the sting have been placed on unpaid leave, pending the investigation’s outcome.

One of the arrested Disney employees, Patrick Holgerson, 32, also faces several charges including failing to disclose HIV status to a sexual partner.

The tourist on vacation went for a swim near 2pm in the afternoon when she was suddenly caught up by a herd of male manatees that possibly mistook the poor woman for a female manatee.

“I was just playing around in the water when I suddenly noticed a herd of manatees next to me.

Another of the Disney three, Tyler Edge, brought a knife and condoms, Orlando news outlet WESH reports.

According to News 13, one of the suspects arrested, Alexander Vorobets, brought a Happy Meal and condoms with him to the arranged meeting place.

“It all happened in a flash, all I remember is the horrifying sight of the manatees trying to grab me and force me into submission.


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