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According to Alyaoum24, the video chatting on Skype turned into cybersex, as “Ihssane” started taking off her clothes and tried to seduce him.The blackmailers claimed they saved the footage of Adil Tchikitou performing cybersex, and used it to blackmail him for a sum of money estimated at MAD 40,000 (,519 US) by threatening to post the video on You Tube.If he did pay, she said she would delete the video.

Both the scammer's name and telephone number turned out to be false, police said.

A Google search showed police this type of scam is a common occurrence.

What sets this campaign of sextortion apart is that it has now been adopted by organized cybercrime organizations and is being used systematically to wreak havoc on lonely, desperate victims online.

According to the Trend Micro report, crime rings are setting up fake Facebook accounts and posing as flirtatious, available women.

Most of the victims were from the Asia, Europe, and the US, including a 17-year-old Scottish boy who committed suicide after being targeted on Skype.

Authorities say the suspects would lure their victims using fake profiles on social media and porn websites.

According to a report by Trend Micro, sextortion—the use of compromising photos or videos to extract money from victims—is on the rise. Anthony Stancl is currently serving a 15-year prison term for posing as a female on Facebook to lure male students from his high school into sharing sexually compromising photos.

He then blackmailed his victims with the threat of making the photos public to force them to perform sexual acts with him.

The alleged criminals would secretly record the encounters and then threaten to send the videos to the victims' friends and relatives unless they paid money.


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