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In fact, London has one of the lowest stalking rates because of our relationship, because we work so collaboratively with the police," she said.

Walker asked organizers to remove the word "slut" from the walk and instead name it a women's walk or equality walk, but was told that would defeat its purpose. It's much like the n-word that was given to blacks many years ago to degrade those individuals."While some women may find it empowering, others, including victims of sexual violence, find it hurtful, she said.

” Maybe learning more about the word itself – – is a good start.

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Or would you use a more negative term like “slutty?

No doubt, it still carries weight if said with malicious intent.

While that was "totally inappropriate," Walker said, it's not a London issue.

"We have a very solid, respectful and good working relationship with (London) police.

Once out of that, I casually dated, but everything fizzled out or ended poorly.

In 2015, I was sad and anxious about every romantic tryst I had; nothing was particularly fun. The last thing I wanted was a 2016 without getting dicked down.

We planned to meet up and discuss whether we’d continue, but I was pretty sure we were done.

We’d only been on five dates, and it didn’t seem like the relationship was going in the right direction.

But in recent years, the word has become deeply ingrained into our culture to the point where people say it too easily and too casually.

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