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I don’t want them to have that username and password…While the chances of a normal user loading SQL Server Management Studio and logging in are slim, it’s still possible and it’s definitely possible if a user purposely wants to get out of having to do work that day. Well, one option is to use the encryption to encrypt the settings in app.config. Reports of those settings getting corrupted are quite high, plus you have to deal with the loading and saving of those settings, which isn’t all that easy to do. Connection String Function() This was great, until that day came where I was in a hurry and added a few more tables to a form but forgot to set the Connection Strings. So I needed a solution that would stop me from having to set those Connection String properties, keep my connection string out of the app.config, and be easy to use (i.e. I started out by just giving all my datasets the same connection string.Check out the top 8 things you didn't know about LEDs to learn more.

Windows Azure Web Sites has a handy capability whereby developers can store key-value string pairs in Azure as part of the configuration information associated with a website.

At runtime, Windows Azure Web Sites automatically retrieves these values for you and makes them available to code running in your website.

From a security perspective that is a nice side benefit since sensitive information such as Sql connection strings with passwords never show up as cleartext in a web.config or file.

You can enter key-value pairs from “Configure” tab for your website in the Azure portal.

That can be useful for downstream code running in a website to special case some behavior for connection strings.

Once a developer has entered key-value pairs for their website, the data can be retrieved at runtime by code running inside of a website.

But what if you send that application to someone else that has their own SQL Server?

Net * 7/29/2010 Update – I have uploaded a sample project here for those of you still struggling with this. Running it on the development machine (or on the same network) is no big deal and just works.

The screenshot below shows the two places on this tab where you can enter keys and associated values: You can enter key-value pairs as either “app settings” or “connection strings”.

The only difference is that a connection string includes a little extra metadata telling Windows Azure Web Sites that the string value is a database connection string.

Loader Installer: ZIP Loader Wizard: ZIP TGZ To use the Wizard, 1) download and install the script into your web space, then 2) launch the script in your browser.


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